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Page Speed Service
Page Speed Service: The ultimate SEO technique to augment uploading speed

In the recent time, increasing number of entrepreneurs is utilizing the online platform for promoting their brand name and the services provided by them. But since the competition is quite narrow the webmaster has to use certain SEO techniques to get the maximum exposure in the web world which in turn will definitely enhance the return on investment. Page speed service is a unique SEO service that assists in speeding up the uploading pace of the webpage of the online manager. The webmasters should give due attention to the fact, whether the lead capture page and all the other pages of your websites are loaded easily or not, as researches show that most online visitors actually leave most of the page due to the slow loading of the landing page or other links.

Our online page speed service is the ideal solution to this predicament. In case you are applying for this service with us then you are going to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Our team of internet marketing professionals will sign up with Google on your behalf and thereafter spot out the DNS of our client’s website to Google.
  • By applying this service the content of the clients’ website will be taken from the server and it will be re-written automatically to make it search engine friendly.
  • Apart from the basic service, our team will also provide you with some modification in your site that will definitely divert targeted traffic. We will minimize the CSS and HTML of our clients’ website to get optimized results.
  • We will also optimize all the images in the website, arrange the E-tags to get best result, translate the java script and compress the DNS as well. All these modification will assist in speeding up the uploading speed of the websites to 90+ speeds.
We at offer our clients three different variety of page speed service namely :
  • The normal page speed service, whereby the speed of your page increase to 90+ and it will include CSS , image optimization as well as script cleanup
  • Page speed service (wordpress) is the best service. If our client opts for this service we guarantee that their website will be uploaded in less than 4 seconds.
  • Page Speed Service (80+) is the ideal package for those having a non ecommerce website.

Apart from all the offline search engine optimization techniques, this automatic online technique is extremely important to get optimized result in the major search engines which will definitely guarantee higher returns for their organization. The page speed service would help the online viewers to access our clients website at a much faster pace and the webmaster do not have to compress pictures, gzipping resources, caching or any other web performance best practices to make their site work faster.

We believe in providing the clients with quality page speed service which will have proven results on our clients’ website. By opting for this particular service the online visitors will also have a pleasant experience while browsing through our clients’ site and thereby help in increasing the number of visitors to their sites.

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