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SEO Writting

Are you wasting your precious time trying to tweak articles that were supposed to be written by 'native speakers of the English language/ English Literature Graduates '?

  • Do you find it hard to convey your content needs and the writing style to the existing writers?
  • Is your content provider churning up content that is not worth a dime?
  • Are you fed up because your copywriters just can't keep up with the promised turnaround time?
If your answer is in the affirmative to all the above questions, then this page is for YOU
Article Writing Service

Article writing is more like advertising. When you force it down your customers' throat, they are sure to dump you. You have to build a story around the product/service, and carefully give them reasons to buy it. Through our article writing services, we can help your end user seek information that is relevant and useful to them.

Press Release Writing
A Press Release Writing Service that Is Affordable Yet Effective

Are you on the internet to make, or lose money? And if you are here to make money, why do you waste hundreds of dollars on ineffective press releases that don't add anything by way of ROI? Our expert writers deliver press releases that are effective, news worthy with high ROI and yet don't cost the earth.

Blog Writing
Why Should You Blog?

Blogs are a great way to build authority about the industry that you serve, and also connect with the end user on a personal level. When readers respond to your post, you get an almost instant feedback on issues that concern your product or service. Small problems can be stopped from escalating, through a responsive feedback mechanism facilitated by blogs.

Facebook and Twitter may be the flavor of the season when it comes to connecting with customers, but remember that you are building YOUR brand on SOMEONE ELSE's turf! You are subjecting your business to their policies and rules. Your blogs can serve as a central hub for all information about your company. These can then be linked through social networks.

You can also use these blogs to fetch the best social signals for your site.

Website Content Writing
Don't' Kill your Golden Goose!

The success of your online venture largely depends on the worth of your content. You may have spent thousands of dollars on web design, but if the content doesn't match- it's an attempt in vain. A successful content is one that manages to convert clients, and it's best to get it right the first time, rather than regretting later.

Your Content Stinks!

This is one truth that no internet marketing agency will tell you. They will continuously throw up statistics on the latest 'vouched by so-and-so' strategy, goad you with numbers and reports, and practically do everything besides telling you this basic truth on your face.

Common mistakes that drive a potential customer away from your site include:

  • Your content: is as boring as boring can get
  • Testimonials: Your client testimonial is as believable as the Rapunzel tale. Do you seriously think users to be so dumb that they are going to believe your over-the-top testimonials?
  • Image: The customer cannot connect the images with the product or the business
Product Description Writing
Are you looking for writers who can :
  • Write succinct but vivid descriptions of your product?
  • Describe your product that is understood by everyone, yet is free of grammar and spelling errors
  • Write product descriptions that can shout out to the crowd and compel them to buy your product?
Does your current product description use one or all of these styles?
  • Content that is generously laced with descriptions such as 'state- of-the-art', 'cutting edge' , 'the most advanced' and other such biz-blah.
  • Content that consists of so many jargons and technical terms that it seems unintelligible to others.
  • Content that is more of an ego trip, and is all about You, Your Firm, and Your Goal (of selling the product).

There are billions of people who're selling millions of products through their website. Most product descriptions would come under either of these categories, unless they are written by people who've placed importance on the End Consumer.