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Social Bookmarking
Bookmarking goes smarter with Social bookmarking services

Internet or the worldwide web is a boon for the 21st centurions. While the teens have used this medium for socializing with friends, the business minds found their set platform for their business to get the maximum exposure before a wide spectrum of visitors. Lately, the business houses have started using it as a medium of advertisement. Statistics show that internet is a very successful platform for advertising and promoting but the right SEO techniques have to be applied. Social bookmarking is one such service that can provide your company with the ideal amount of exposure.

If you browse the internet at any point of time you can see all big brands advertising their product, special offers and the latest news to create a new lot of loyal customers for their brands. Apart from that the smaller brands can also create their edge in the market by using the right strategy, our social bookmarking services. These services work to make your brands SEO friendly that means the search engine should instantly recognize your product name, irrespective of your product segment whenever somebody search with relative keywords.

Special features of our Social bookmarking services
  • Our service will ensure splendid rankings for your pages in the search engine.
  • Ensures google penguin safety that means it keeps your IP networks of our client’s site completely spam free.
  • Your websites are bookmarked with handpicked and relevant social bookmarking sites.
  • To keep your links alive and working we would repetitively refresh the list of sites.

Social bookmarking services can also lead to over-optimization. The refreshment of your lists can be done in a few seconds but constant refreshing can make you overcrowded with links most of which are irrelevant. Over-optimization can result in a penalty. To avoid this we use a simple manual process which updates all your links in a way that it’s helpful; for you and at the same time very organic. Our social bookmarking services provide you with bookmarks for your multiple user accounts. We also provide free user accounts for clients who are into outsourcing.

Our book marking service packages include: 150 bookmarks/month, 100 bookmarks/month and 60 bookmarks/ month. The details for the above packages are as follows:
  • 150 bookmarks/month include ( writing 4 t & d, each bookmark writing 4 t & d and we use a unique book for t & d ) ; for
  • 100 bookmarks/month(writing 4 t & d, each bookmark writing 4 t & d and we use a unique book for t & d )
  • Lastly 60 bookmarks/month ( writing 4 t & d, each bookmark writing 4 t & d and we use a unique book for t & d )

This service has gained a lot of importance in the past few years. Now, it is your turn to try this amazing feature to boost up the sales of your products. This service will give the products or services provided by the client a distinct recognition in the search engines. As user demands rise or fall with the rankings of your website in the search engines, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of using this feature for your own benefit. Every tech savvy individual knows the power of SEO’s in this tough competitive market and every entrepreneur should use this service to get unbelievable results. We are always striving to help your products work wonders for you and your company. So enter our zone to create your very own zone in the web world.

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