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SYNC Social
Sync Social: The ideal tool for bringing about a constructive social change in business profile

Establishing web identity with the aid of the social media sites is undoubtedly the most innovative method that can help the new as well as old established business houses to get the maximum amount of exposure in the World Wide Web. There are about 60 popular social media sites that can help to augment the exposure of the company before the wide range of potential customers from all over the world. But just creating a business profile of your company in these social networking sites would not solve the problem. The webmaster has to regularly update their profile about the various services, happenings, PRs, promotional offers and other related updates to keep the fans and followers informed. This is undoubtedly a tiresome job. But with our Sync Social service, the clients have nothing to worry about.

We offer our clients with three different kinds of social syncing service.
  • Firstly, Hellotxt Setup which can maintain 20 networking sites at a time. One unique feature of Hellotxt Setup is that the users can customize their settings in such a way so that many posts will be visible on several networking sites with a single feed.
  • Secondly we provide our clients with Onlywire setup whereby we will social bookmark our clients’ business profile with the help of this single platform. This particular Sync Social service will definitely boost the visibility of the clients’ business profile in the search engines and thereby assist in creating important backlinks to the official site of our client.
  • The third syncing service provided by us is the Posterous Setup which is extremely useful for increasing the visibility of our clients’ blogs in the search engines. With this platform it is extremely easy to update the social media sites such as Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and others.
Why choose us?

With these sync social services provided by us the posting of the latest updates in the social media sites and regularly maintaining it becomes really easy.

  • We can help to synchronize the social media sites of our clients through these single junctions. Our experts will create the profile of our clients and thereafter we will sync the business profiles in the harmonizing sites and sent all the login information to the client immediately.
  • Our proficient team of internet marketing professionals will maintain all the social media sites in which the clients have an account with the help of a single junction.
  • In case, your business profiles are already been created, then our Sync Social service will help you to maintain and regularly update this site through a single junction.
  • Moreover, the proficient inter marketing experts working with us will also update the photographs of the latest products or events of our clients to engage the followers of the business profile.

It’s high time for the webmasters to stop worrying and trust us completely with the dreadful task of regular up gradation and maintenance of their social media sites.  We are proud of our professional team who will continue to provide the clients’ with the best sync social service.

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