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Video Distribution Service
Video Distribution Service: ideal SEO technique for your business

In the recent times, thousands of entrepreneurs have started using the internet for popularizing the brand name of their company. Thereby, they have started producing promotional video for showcasing the services offered by them before the millions of potential customers. But just featuring the video in their website is not enough. They have to make sure that the videos uploaded by them have enough exposure and high ranking in the search engines. This will help the webmasters to get targeted traffic when any potential customer searches with similar keywords. The premium video submission service offered by us is one of the unique search engine optimization techniques, which can help you promote your website as well as the services and products offered by your company before a large number of potential customers.   

We offer our clients with different kinds of this particular category of service. Therefore, the webmaster can choose anyone amongst these in accordance with their need. Depending on the size of the promotional video, the online managers have the option of choosing any of the following video submission service:

  • Video Distribution to Top 25 Sites Upto 10Mb
  • Video Distribution to Top 25 Sites 11 to 20 Mb
  • Video Distribution to Top 25 Sites 21 to 35 Mb
Why choose us?

There are innumerable video submission sites available in the web world but it is really important to submit the video of your site in the search engine friendly directories to have the highest extent of visibility. The following factors make us different form the rest:

  • Our trained team of internet marketing professionals has specially selected the best submission directories that can give the highest extent of visibility to our client website, if they opt for the video submission service offered by us.
  • Our database of directories and submission sites are regular updated to ensure that the videos of our clients are submitted to active and spam free sites.
  • All the videos are uploaded by our team manually in the most popular sites like Dailymotion, YouTube, YouKu and others. This will definitely assist our clients to market their products and boost the sales figure of the company.
  • We also offer our clients with 50 audio bookmarking of video service, whereby the promotional videos of our clients are transformed into audios and thereafter the links of the audios are bookmarked in 50 popular and exclusive audio bookmarking sites.
  • Moreover, we also embed the YouTube videos of our clients to 50 other video embedding sites which is also vital for diverting targeted traffic.

The visual effect of the well circulated videos of the products or services offered by our clients will have a constructive impact on the sale and leads figure of our clients. We ensure our clients that the video distribution service will definitely help in getting a high rank in the all the important search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. This is one of the novel search engine optimization techniques which will certainly divert targeted traffic.

Our video distribution service will help the clients in promoting their brand name.

Video Distribution Service Packages
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